Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Race for attention on an online dating site.

Online dating sites are often called a supermarket of singles. The recent explosion in the online dating membership size has baffled industry experts. According to a survey approximately 30% of singles in United States have tried online dating. This means that the competition to stand out on an online dating site is tougher than ever. However with the following tips on your hand, you will be able to attract the attention you deserve from other quality singles in your area

1. Keep it fresh. One of the most effective way to attract singles to your profile is to keep your profile title fresh. You should change it often say once every two weeks. This goes to show that you're an active user of the online dating site and other users feel more comfortable in contacting you.

2. Change your profile picture. Similar to tip #1, changing the profile picture also brings singles to your profile and increases your chance of attracting them.

3. Choose awesome profile pictures. Your profile pictures are the biggest selling point on your profile. Having a well selected profile picture will help you attract the attention of other professional singles on the website.

4. Keep logging in. On most of the dating sites, search results are by default sorted by last login time of the users. You should log into the dating site at least once every day, so that you are always on top of the search results when singles are looking for partners in your area.

5. Have an interesting profile. If all your profile reads is that you like to take long walks on the beach, congratulations, you're among the 10,000 singles who like to do the same thing. To motivate another user to write to you, you should let them see the true self of yours. You should feel free to share your interest, hobbies and activities on your dating profile. Hobbies like cycling, surfing, running can help you connect at a deeper level with singles who share similar interests.

6. Be proactive. If you get a message from another interesting user on the website, you should be proactive in responding back. The popular 3 day rule of not calling back does not apply to online dating. Online dating is a very fragile dating process which requires constant attention and nourishment till it transforms to real life dating. You should be proactive in checking the online dating site for messages and respond back when you get a chance to do so.

Online dating over the last few years has become the most effective way to meet single professionals. Using the opportunities and tools provided on dating services, you too can meet the partner of your dreams. Whether you desire to meet a single lawyer, a single doctor or a single accountant, online dating can help you realize the dream like it has done for hundreds and thousands of singles before you.

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