Thursday, July 23, 2009

Another online dating success story

One of my best friends, Jonathan, called me up today with news that he had proposed to his girlfriend Rebecca and she accepted. Rebecca is a 29 year old gorgeous brunette with a masters degree in psyhology and a stable career. Jonathan is a handsome 36 year old marketing executive with a bachelors in communications and a very colorful background.

Jonathan has never really been the type of guy that could settle down. He was a star athlete and a model student who never had a shortage of beatiful women to choose from. He was the type of guy that would openly tell us "If I ever decided to marry, it would only be to Marilyn Monroe and she's no longer with us". We were certain that
Jonathan would remain a bachelor forever. What happened?

About a year ago, Jonathan had been completely dedicated to his work. The company he works for was moving up the ranks and becoming very successful. He spent a good part of the year on the road, at conferences and at the offices. He was rarely home and rarely had time to spend with his friends. He told me that he decided to join a dating site because his work didnt leave him with much time to socially meet new women. I confess, I was shocked when he told me, but I could understand, after all, I've been down that road before.

He joined a dating site that catered to singles interested in dating professionals. It was there where he met Rebecca. They dated for months before he brought her around the friend circle. When I first met her, my first impression was that she was some sort of a model. She's tall, has a great figure and has a thousand watt smile. As we began to conversate, I quickly realized that she wasnt like the average girls Jonathan would generally bring around. She was intelligent, she carried herself with grace and dignity, and she had a great sense of humor. Later that evening, it became known that she loves snowboarding and is a huge football fan (two of Jonathans greats joys). I could see immediately that she was perfect for him. Jonathan on the other hand kept it as cool as Fonzy, repeating his usual "Im a bachelor for life" speech.
As he's telling me about how lucky he is for having been able to meet such a wonderful woman, I couldnt help but to wonder how someone who had dated so many women, would actually find the love of his life through an online dating site. Cheers to Jonathan and Rebecca

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